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About Copadego

Vision: Create stories that
make happy hearts.

Copadego Publishing was launched on February 16, 2006, by Yvonne Hayden for the purpose of publishing her own stories.

Yvonne has been writing for years as a hobby. She believes that story time should be fun, entertaining or uplifting.

The name Copadego was made up by Yvonne when she was about three years old—a happy word she used for a short time and then forgot until many years later.

For her the word stirs up the joy of a happy carefree early childhood, and this is the feeling she wants Copadego stories to bring to you.

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About the Book

Carl’s Closet

Carl and his little brother, Alex, have been looking forward to a special shopping trip at their favorite store. They’re enormously disappointed when Dad gets sick and the trip is canceled. Terrified by a big loud thunderstorm the boys run into Carl’s closet where they discover a magical world of toys and fun! It's a gratifying story that shows how disappointment can turn into a happy experience.

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About the Book

Yo quiero pasteles/I Want Pasteles
(dual language, Spanish-English)

Merci, is a little Puerto Rican girl who loves her family’s traditional Christmas dish, pasteles.* With Christmas approaching, she just about drives her parents crazy asking about them. You'll enjoy this heartwarming story about family and tradition.

     *Pasteles:  Are a savory pillow-shaped meat pie made with a plantain dough.

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About the Author      

Yvonne Hayden (also writing as Yvonne Torres-Hayden) discovered her love for writing in high school, where she was encouraged by her English teacher, Ms. Gelshenen.

While working as an administrative assistant, she self-published two books on everyday Excel which addressed common questions from coworkers. For years she has written the annual play she and her family perform on Christmas Eve for their own laughs and pleasure.

Yvonne is thrilled to publish Carl’s Closet, a story she wrote many years ago. The title was inspired by a dusty storage closet that the employees called Carl’s closet in the office building where she worked.

In 2017 Yvonne published her first children’s book, Yo quiero pasteles/I Want Pasteles, which is a dual language Spanish-English book and a celebration of her Puerto Rican family culture and Christmas tradition.

In addition to writing the stories, Yvonne created the illustrations. She enjoys drawing, but it’s more about the joy of creating the characters and scenes.

Yvonne lives in Arizona with her husband, Tom, who keeps her laughing.

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Bits and Pieces

Stress Less

You can stress without hurrying and you can hurry without stressing.

After getting totally overwhelmed recently, it occurred to me that I can move just as fast (or faster) when I focus on the process, instead of living in the emotion of missing the deadline.

After all, if the deadline is truly impossible, tightening muscles, perspiring and frowning—all energy suckers—won’t make it happen. And watch out for those self-imposed deadlines!

With practice you'll get better at hurrying without stressing!

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Making Pasteles

Do you want to make pasteles? You’ll find a variety of recipes with different fillings on the Web. And if you've never made them, it’s helpful to see it done. Following are two excellent videos by Sweets and Beyond.

  • To see how to make the outer plantain mixture and assemble the pasteles, click the title below:

  • To see how to make a classic meat filling, click the title below:

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Plantains are a yummy nutritious ingredient in most pasteles recipes. Be careful when peeling the raw plantain. It oozes a white liquid that makes a brown stain on hands and porous surfaces that's difficult to remove—on fabric it may be impossible. So wear plastic gloves, an apron you don't mind staining, and have fun!

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Interested in learning about Puerto Rico? You'll enjoy a delightful overview in:

From Sea to Shining Sea Puerto Rico, by Dennis Brindell Fradin and Judith Bloom Fradin.

It's a nice little read for older kids that adults will enjoy too.

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