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About Copadego

Vision: Create stories that
make happy hearts.

Copadego Publishing was launched on February 16, 2006, by Yvonne Hayden for the purpose of publishing her own stories.

Yvonne has been writing for years as a hobby. She believes that story time should be fun, entertaining and uplifting.

Yo quiero pasteles/I Want Pasteles is the first children’s picture book published by Copadego.

It’s a fun Christmas story anyone can enjoy.

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About the Book        

Yo quiero pasteles/I Want Pasteles* is about the excitement of Christmas, the anticipation of happy times and holiday traditions. The main character, Merci, is a little Puerto Rican girl who loves her family’s traditional Christmas dish, pasteles , more than any other food.

With Christmas approaching, Merci is so excited about the pasteles that she just about drives her parents crazy by asking about making them since before Thanksgiving Day.

     * Pastel :  A savory pillow-shaped meat pie made with a plantain dough, a stewed meat filling, and boiled in banana leaves.

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Click below to buy the book:

eBook available now. Pre-order paperback to be released September 15, 2017.

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About the Author      

Yvonne Hayden (also writing as Yvonne Torres- Hayden) discovered her love for writing in high school, where she was encouraged by her English teacher, Ms. Gelshenen.

While working as an administrative assistant, she self-published two books on everyday Excel which addressed common questions from coworkers. For years she has written the annual play she and her family perform on Christmas Eve for their own laughs and pleasure.

She’s excited about publishing her first children’s book, Yo quiero pasteles/I Want Pasteles. Several years ago Yvonne drew the first copy of this book with crayons as a gag gift for her sister.

Yvonne is an all-American girl of Puerto Rican descent. Yo quiero pasteles/I Want Pasteles is a celebration of her family culture and Christmas tradition. She lives in Arizona with her husband, Tom, who keeps her laughing.

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Bits and Pieces

Making Pasteles

Do you want to make pasteles? You’ll find a variety of recipes with different fillings on the Web. And if you've never made them, it's helpful to see it done. Following are two excellent videos by Sweets and Beyond.

  • To see how to make the outer plantain mixture and assemble the pasteles, click the title below:

  • To see how to make a classic meat filling, click the title below:

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Ají Dulce

If you do lots of Puerto Rican cooking, you’re probably familiar with ají dulce, the small mild cap pepper with a distinct mild flavor and just a hint of heat.

The only problem is they’re hard to find in most states. Sure Puerto Rican dishes can taste great without it, but my sister and I often think about the distinct mild flavor these delightful little peppers added to Mom's cooking.

After receiving a flavorless bunch from an online vendor, I decided to grow my own in Arizona—so far without much success.

Here’s the video:

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